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1455 Rue Towers, apt. 108

A unique opportunity not to be missed!

Located in the heart of Downtown Montreal, this condo is split into 2 studio apartments like a

Recently built (2005) condo complex, its ideal for a low maintenance investment.

The math: investment

The detailed MLS information sheet

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The detailed RE/MAX link with +info.



Aside from being located in a prime location which is certain of augmentation in value year after year, this duplex-condo generates rental revenue from DAY 1 !

Scenario based on a purchase price of 440,000$ and a 20% cash down.

The big lines:

  • After a 5 year mortgage term, your tenants have helped you gain over 50,000$ in capital

  • In the first year you already made a gain of over 2,500$ after expenses.

*Note that condo fees where not considered in the analysis as they are part of regular maintenance and are deductible.